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monday :: october 28, 2002
> dancing over germinal live
:: from free software to free society?

Free Software is a mystery to someone who thinks only in terms of labor and money. Thousands of volunteers build highly complex software, without which for instance the Internet would not even be imaginable - and the majority of them receive no money. Nonetheless the developers benefit from their doing: They are completely absorbed by it, it fits their personality to do precisely that - in short: It is their life.

This opportunity for individual and collective self-unfolding is accompanied by global networking and self-organization, which evolves from the development of computer technology. Based on the new technology 'Internet' a new form to produce what is necessary arises Free Software being a germ form. And with a great deal of creativity the new technical possibilities are employed to experiment with new forms of social interaction freely and easily.

The *Project Oekonux* does research on the economical, political and social forms of Free Software. >from *2. Oekonux Conference site*

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