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thursday :: october 31, 2002
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project gutenberg
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"The Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation" from the U.S. won the 2002 Stockholm Challenge Award in the category Culture.

The project set out in 1971 to prove the feasibility of the eBook concept and encourage creation and distribution of free eBooks. Today Project Gutenberg has produced over 6,000 eBooks, of the 20,000+ listed by the Internet Public Library, and has mirror sites on every continent, including Antarctica. About 1,500 volunteers hope to produce about 2,400 more eBooks in 2002, nearly twice as many as the 1,240 they created in 2001. For every one of those, similar organisations create three more, aiming to convert all materials entering the public domain in every language into free eBooks. By their 7,000th eBook, Project Gutenberg hopes to have included examples of books in 20 languages, and already has one eBook that contains selections translated into over 75 languages.

The Stockholm Challenge Award focuses on the positive effects of the information society, trying to bridge what is usually called the Digital Divide. The 28 member international jury looks for exemplary use of information technology that has an impact on public lives. The Stockholm Challenge Award is a non-profit initiative of the City of Stockholm. >from *Project Gutenberg wins the Stockholm Challenge Award*, october 18, 2002

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