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monday :: november 4, 2002
> virtual touch?
first transatlantic touch
:: virtual reality touch

In a milestone that conjures up the refrain to a Paul McCartney song, researchers at MIT and University College London have linked 'hands across the water' in the first transatlantic touch, literally 'feeling' each other's manipulations of a small box on a computer screen. The MIT researchers supplied the haptics expertise for the work; the UCL team covered software development and network issues.

Potential applications abound. "In addition to sound and vision, virtual reality programs could include touch as well," said Mandayam A. Srinivasan, director of MIT's Touch Lab and leader of the MIT team.

The demonstration of long-distance touch involves a computer and a small robotic arm that takes the place of a mouse. A user can manipulate the arm by clasping its end, which resembles a thick stylus. The overall system creates the sensation of touch by exerting a precisely controlled force on the user's fingers. On the computer screen, each user sees a three-dimensional room. Within that room are a black box and two tiny square pointers that show the users where they are in the room. They then use the robotic arms to collaboratively lift the box. That's where the touch comes in. As a user at MIT moves the arm—and therefore the pointer—to touch the box, he can 'feel' the box, which has the texture of hard rubber. The user in London does the same thing. Together they attempt to pick up the box—one applying force from the left, the other from the right—and hold it as long as possible. All the while, each user can feel the other's manipulations of the box. >from *MIT and London team report first transatlantic touch*, october 28, 2002

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