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monday :: december 16, 2002
> mental architectures
second skin
:: emergent architecture

*Marcos Lutyens* (intermedia artist/certified hypnotherapist)and Tania Lopez Winkler (architect) presented their project Second Skin at *ArtSci2002*.

Second Skin uses hypnosis and genetic algorithms to extract and process embedded mental information to build a new approach to architecture. The field of study relating to Bose-Einstein condensates, and the influence of quantum issues on the understanding of consciousness are particularly pertinent to this exploration of 'mass mind'. Volunteers listen to a hypnotic induction which extracts conceptions of 'dwelling' from the unconscious. The volunteers are instructed to render their visualizations in a state of trance. Each volunteer is subsequently interviewed in order to extract additional information. The resulting models are inputted into their patented genetic algorithm program. These models provide with traits from which they are developing their grammar of emergent architecture. These computer models are being applied to the creation of full-scale models for itinerant shows.

Previously, *Skinn* exhibition at Materials & Applications showcased two related projects that have been in development for the past year. The projects center on a unique investigation into consciousness, and the structures that emerge naturally from the mind. These two projects, Second Skin, which relates to architecture and CorteX which involves clothing design, form part of a much larger investigation into the "form consequence" of thought and of other mental processes. In other words, this line of investigation seeks to generate a direct connection between the moment a thought is generated, or rather emerges from a background of consciousness, and its manifestation as a thought-object.

*M&A* (Materials & Applications) is an experimental architecture and landscape research center with a unique outdoor exhibit space that is designed to be visible from the street. Twice yearly, the site host new outdoor developments of transarchitectural installations. Use of sustainable resources, renewable energy and smart technologies are encouraged. The goal is to push the application of materials beyond what typical commercial and residential project limits allow towards a more liquid architecture.

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