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a blander blog

I need to gather my thought [en-anglès]

abuddhas meme

holovisionary wanderings. contextual infofilter

art daily

the first art newspaper on the net

asociación de internautas

nacida de plataformas por la tarifa plana en españa [es-spanish]

blanketfort weblog

i wonder what a lion on catnip is like...


wired vox populi

bubble chamber

science and technology news


dump your thoughts... rightnow: motivation


searching the living web


dan gillmor's news & views

'cognitive dissonance' presumes the presence of cognition

"Follow Me Here..."

an ever-changing, annotated list of compelling 'net sites I find in passing

:: fliegen von ferne ::

Wie alle Besitzer einer Bibliothek war sich Aurelian der Schuld bewusst,
sie nicht in ihrer Gänze zu kennen [de-german]


news on sklyarov's case

] frontierless [

alternatives to cultural protectionism

google headline news

world, us, business, entertainment, technology...


asociación de usuarios españoles de gnu/linux [es-spanish]


the written word is but a shadow of our thoughts


daily aesthetics and female psyche: likeness is not sameness

internet abyss

kathrynyu dot com, a journal for self-reflection


el ogro no existiría sin los cuentos y todas las personas que los hacen posibles [es-spanish]

JD's blog

new media musings

jon schull's weblog

i might aggregate bright ideas... by me and by others

plain, simple

.: luixn :.

webLogs, bLogs, wLogs, etc. de todo un poko [es-spanish]


the magnificent melting object


rightnow: motivation. a weblog amongst others


the other 95% of the universe


weblog devoted to nanotechnology

open source intelligence: understanding the network society

object((ion)s) + project((ion)s)

logging a bilingual life in Paris, France since 1999.

paul cosgrove - public works - exhibitions - research - interviews

la belleza se rebela cada día [es-spanish]


which wine goes best with fallout?

random items

_/_/__random__/_/__items__/_/_(*) [de-deutch]


ciencia, tecnología y pensamiento [es-spanish]

richard stallman's home page

founder of the free software foundation


platform for new media art

sassafrass log

on science, art, and coolness

scripting news

a weblog about scripting and stuff like that

seb's open research

pointers and thoughts on the evolution of knowledge sharing and scholarly communication


news for nerds, stuff that matters

the blog is for context, questions and discoveries

{suave es la noche}

la caída fue de la inocencia al conocimiento [es-spanish]

subterranean notes

art on the net


julian's occasional thoughts on life

tendencias científicas

avances estratégicos en ciencia, tecnología y sociedad [es-spanish]

The Gadfly's Buzz

a weblog

the invisible worm: contemplate

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed. Albert Einstein

The Search Results

left brain [web reviews] + right brain [personal journal] [indonesian]


convergence == shitty content meeting bad design


design culture index


beratung, konzeption, veranstaltungen zu cultural change management, wissensmanagement und netzkultur [de-german]


blogging on vogging [-\\/] video blog :vog


about weblog technology and usage


about web development, scientific news plus funny stories


visual thinking linking



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