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Josep Saldaña Cavallé

research on the emerging culture and make a divulgative work on new technologies. He is a freelance journalist, consultant and writer. Has been working in the computer industry, media and telecomms since 1984.



Analist-programmer in a financial institution (Caja de Barcelona, 1984-87).
Management (technical, marketing, executive) in a computer related R+D corporation CTA-Aberon,1987-1995). Close colaboration with Apple in the introduction of desktop publishing and digital design in Spain. Specialized in communications (conectivity Mac-PC, emulation, local area networks, conectivity with mini and mainframes, isdn ...). Participation in the design and support of office network for Olimpic Games 92.

During last ten years, contributor in traditional media (press, radioand tv). Translator and journalist for the specialised press (Acta Informática, European Mac, MacFormat, El Mac, suplement Nuevas Tecnologías of La Vanguardia, NetConexión, PC Plus ...).

Devoted to the Internet since 1995. Internet Society member. Founder and director of NetConexión , first Spanish magazine on Internet culture (1995-96).
Spain Comissioner in the Internet 1996 World Exposition . Participant in the 24 Hours in Cyberspace project.
Consultant for a media group (Grupo Zeta, 1996).
Writer in the colectif book «Internet» (1997).
Member of expert's group in the project "E-commerce in the information society" (1998).
Journalist for PC Plus magazine (1996-1999).
Contributor to Intel Web Outfitter Service website (1999).

Since 1998 contribute, as citizen and independent consultant,
in the strategic plan for the cultural sector of Barcelona . In this context he wrote a report-proposal about the emerging culture -"Barcelona, city of digital culture. beta version"- and work as relater of new technologies commission for the Instituto de Cultura de Barcelona.
In same line contribute with INTERARTS observatory
of urban and regional cultural policies and Diputació de Barcelona
(coordinator of roundtable «Tecnology and Arts» in the journeys International Challenges for the Cultural Sector of Barcelona; «The Digital Era as a Context for the Definition of Cultural Strategies» report in the Seminar "The planification as a strategy.
Presentation and analysis of strategic cultural plans at local and regional levels" for Interacció '98 ; consultant for defining the digital competences of cultural managers into the Adapt-Format european project. 1999-2000).

Collaborate with artists -like chillout artist Kiku Mistu, hypermedia and architecture straddle3 , independent filmakers festival L'Alternativa, audiovisual and new technologies festival VideA_00-. In 1999, member of the international panel of the Leonardo Digital Review, the first journal supporting artists who worked in the intersection of science, technology, and art.