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april 3, 2000 |
sciart 2000 partnerships

What happens when you take artists inspired by scientific concepts, add scientists interested in creating new forms of expression, and encourage creative interaction?
Sciart competition reveal just what can be achieved when the worlds of science and art look to one other for inspiration. This year, a total of 200 000 has been awarded to 11 art-science partnerships. Among them, Gravity Zero - In the future, how will we live, move and interact with one another in space? Using a new technique of magnetic brain stimulation, dancers and scientists will study the control of body movements in altered gravity conditions to determine scientifically whether dance training may help astronauts adapt to lengthy weightlessness. (choreographer Dr Kitsou Dubois and scientists at the BioDynamics Group at Imperial College London, with Arts Catalyst.)
200 000 stimulates winning partnerships in science and art <>
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