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may 21, 2000 |
prize for pioneers of neutrino astronomy

The 2000 Wolf Prize for physics has been awarded to Ray Davies of the University of Pennsylvania in the US and Masatoshi Koshiba of the University of Tokyo "for their pioneering observations of astronomical phenomena by detection of neutrinos, which created the emerging field of *neutrino astronomy*

In 1967, Davis built the first experiment to detect neutrinos produced by the sun, and, in 1998, Koshiba built a much larger detector in Japan which showed that neutrinos have mass.

"Their observations of the elusive neutrinos of astrophysical origin have opened a new window of opportunity for the study of astronomical objects, such as the sun and exploding stars, and the study of fundamental properties of matter," said the Wolf jury.
Brookhaven Lab Chemist Shares the 2000 Wolf Prize in Physics With University of Tokyo Scientist For Research on Neutrinos
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