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june 26th, 2000 |
working draft of the human genome

President Clinton, leaders of the Human Genome project (HGP) and representatives of the biotechnology company Celera announced the completion of a "working draft" reference DNA sequence of the *human genome*

The achievement provides scientists worldwide with a road map to an estimated 90% of genes on every chromosome. All HGP data are freely available on the Internet. Although the draft contains gaps and errors, it provides a valuable scaffold for generating a high-quality reference genome sequence -- the ultimate HGP goal expected to be achieved by 2003 or sooner. The draft also reveals the location of most human genes. Knowledge about genes will speed the understanding of how genetics influences disease development, aid researchers looking for genes associated with particular diseases, and contribute to the discovery of new treatments.
President Clinton Announces the Completion Of the First Survey Of the Entire Human Genome
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