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jan, 01. 2001 ::



a sfmoma project in collaboration with intel

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The exhibition comprise a series of Web-based works accessible online beginning January 1 and over two dozen installations, video works, sound pieces and digital projects on view in the SFMOMA galleries from March 3 through July 8, 2001.

The online component of the exhibition is accessible at *01.01.01 online exhibition* and at **, an online museum gallery presented by Intel.

01 01 01  :: a sfmoma project in collaboration with intel



changing nature of museums and artists in technological times

"This ground-breaking project is not just a show of 'art about technology' or 'high-tech art and design,'" notes the SFMOMA Director David A. Ross.

"Rather, it will present artists, architects and designers whose work is carried out self-consciously in the shadow of the digital age, which is bringing new ideas and working processes to the studio, new exhibition practices to the gallery and offering radically new ways to connect creators and their potential audiences."

"The play-on-numbers of the launch date and title underlines the changing nature of museums and artists as they and the rest of society reflect upon life in technological times."

think texts

"Throughout the exhibition Think Texts will provide critical and philosophical commentaries on issues raised by the art and its connections to larger questions of digital technologies in the contemporary world. Embedded within the exhibition --on gallery walls, the Web site andflat-panel displays interspersed throughout the galleries-- the texts will help knit together the diverse creative approaches of the works on view. The texts will also appear in the accompanying 01.01.01 publication, which will act as an innovative "user's guide" to the exhibition, with a design integrally linked to the online and on-site exhibition concept."

ways to navigate the reshaped information landscape

Artists include Erik Adigard, Kevin Appel, *Asymptote Architecture* (Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture), Heike Baranowsky, Annette Begerow, Jeremy Blake, Rebeca Bollinger, Lee Bul, Janet Cardiff, Alison Craighead and Jon Thomson, Char Davies, Décosterd & Rahm, Droog Design, Brian Eno, Entropy8Zuper! (Aureia Harvey and MichaŽl Samyn), Jochem Hendricks, Hu Jie Ming, Craig Kalpakjian, John Maeda, Tatsuo Miyajima, Mark Napier, Roxy Paine, Matthew Ritchie, Adam Ross, Karin Sander, Sarah Sze and Shirley Tse.

01.01.01 features five new web-based works

"e-poltergeist" by Alison Craighead and Jon Thomson
"Eden. Garden.1.0" from Entropy8Zuper! (Auriea Harvey and MichaŽl Samyn)
"Feed" by Mark Napier
"The new place" by Matthew Ritchie
"Timelocator" by Erik Adigard

sitestreaming: online tours by artists

This series is among the site's most innovative features. Throughout the winter, each of 010101's online artists will appear at the Museum for livedemonstrations of their sites. After the presentations, new Web-streaming technologies link the artists' recorded remarks to real-time, online tours of their work, enabling visitors to experience an artist-guided tour of each commission.

sfmoma digital background

SFMOMA was the first museums in the United States to acquire Web sites for its permanent design collection and these holdings are exhibited on a rotating basis in **, the Museum's online gallery at

In February, 2000, *Benjamin Weil* was appointed curator of media arts at the SFMOMA. The cofounder and curator of *šda'web*, the pioneering experimental exhibition space for online art from 1994 to 1998, Weil has been the director of new media at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London since 1998.

In May 2000, the Museum inaugurated the $50,000 *SFMOMA Webby Prize for Excellence in Online Art* to recognize and encourage artists working in online media.


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Leonardo Announces 010101 Context Weblog

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is hosting an ambitious exhibition and web projects entitled 010101:
Art in Technological Times :: <>

Leonardo has assembled an international panel of artists, writers, and scholars who will be reviewing, commenting and discussing the Exhibition and related events.

The review panel includes: Barbara Williams, Josepha Haveman, Sonya Rapoport, Harry Rand, Mike Mosher and students, Josep Saldaña, Molly Hankwitz, Roger Malina and others

Reviews are being posted and published in
Leonardo Digital Reviews (Michael Punt, Editor in Chief) at:
ldr :: <>

Leonardo has established a collaboration with
context weblog :: <>

a project of critical discourse run by Josep Saldaña in Barcelona, Spain. During the project the reviews and related discussions will be threaded, moderated, illustrated and contextualised at :

Persons interested in sending their own reviews or comments on the 010101: Art in technological Times exhibition are encouraged to send their comments to




* the museum component
A dialogue review by Sonya Rapoport and Barbara Lee Williams
[ posted on march 21, 2001 ]

* 010101:
on the online commissions and artists' commentary

A dialogue between artist Sonya Rapoport and critic Barbara Lee Williams
[ posted on january 30, 2001 ]

* blurring the boundaries:
installation art retrospective: 1969-1996

A dialogue review by *Sonya Rapoport* and *Barbara Lee Williams* .
[ posted on january 23, 2001 ]





* students critique:[010101]
Mike Mosher,
Saginaw Valley State University, University Center MI
[ july, 2001 ]

*blast off!--'010101' opens at sfmoma
by Marisa S. Olson from
[ march 2, 2001 ]

* 010101: art for our times
by Jason Spingarn-Koff from
[ february 28, 2001 ]

*010101--sfmoma goes 'hyperbolic'
by Jason Spingarn-Koff from
[ reposted from january 26, 2001 issue ]

*a review of an exceptional project
by Jonathan Lipkin from asci
[ reposted from january 16, 2001 issue ]

*great online art (if you can see it)
by Janelle Brown from
[ january 3, 2001 ]

*art worth staying home for
by Reena Jana from
[ december 30, 2000 ]


related events



At the Whitney Museum of American Art
[ march 22 through june 10, 2001 ]

*Data Dynamics
At the Whitney Museum of American Art
[ march 22 through june 10, 2001 ]

*MIT Communications Forum= the digital museum
are digital technologies allowing museums to reinvent themselves?
[ march 8, 2001 ]


source :: 

010101: SFMOMA Launches Ambitious Exhibition On Technology Theme

:: references
010101 online exhibition
first large-scale vr environment for biz apps
Benjamin Weil, SFMOMA Curator of Media Arts
inaugural prize for excellence in online art

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