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wednesday :: october 16, 2002
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two new windows on the universe
:: the 2002 nobel prize in physics

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2002 with one half jointly to Raymond Davis Jr and Masatoshi Koshiba for pioneering contributions to astrophysics, in particular for the detection of cosmic neutrinos and the other half to Riccardo Giacconi for pioneering contributions to astrophysics, which have led to the discovery of cosmic X-ray sources.

The Earth lies in the path of a continuous flux of cosmic particles and other types of radiation. This year’s Nobel Laureates in Physics have used these very smallest components of the universe to increase our understanding of the very largest: the Sun, stars, galaxies and supernovae. The new knowledge has changed the way we look upon the universe. >from *The 2002 Nobel Prize in Physics*, october 8, 2002.

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