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thursday :: november 21, 2002
> the vacuum packed computer concept! by Allen,
underemployed inventor and industrial designer
world's fastest supercomputers
:: 2002 top500 list released

In what has become a much-anticipated event in the world of high performance computing, the 20th edition of the "TOP500" list of the world's fastest supercomputers was released.

The Earth Simulator supercomputer installed earlier this year at the Earth Simulator Center in Yokohama, Japan, is with its Linpack benchmark performance of 35.86 Tflop/s (trillions of calculations per second) retains the number one position (last year, The IBM ASCI White system at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory was the number one supercomputer in the world, with a performance of 7.2 teraflop/s). The #2 and #3 positions are held by two new, identical ASCI Q systems at Los Alamos National Laboratory (7.73 Tflop/s each). These systems are built by Hewlett-Packard and based on the AlphaServer SC computer system.

For the first time ever, 2 PC-based clusters were able to gain a top 10 spot. At position 5 is a cluster at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory built by Linux NetworX and Quadrics. At position 8 is a cluster at the Forecast Systems Laboratory at NOAA built by HPTi with a Myrinet interconnect.

In terms of total performance of all the installed systems, the latest TOP500 edition shows IBM as still the clear leader with 31.8 percent, ahead of HP with 22.1 percent and NEC with 14.6 percent. A total of 55 Intel- based and eight AMD-based PC clusters are now present in the TOP500. The number of clusters in the TOP500 grew again to a total of 93 systems. Fourteen of these clusters are labeled as 'Self-Made' as they are designed and assembled by the end users themselves.

Seven of the TOP10 systems, 46% of all 500 systems, and 51% of the total performance are installed in the United States. Also 91% of all 500 systems are produced in the United States. >from *TOP500 List Of World's Fastest Supercomputers Released* , november 15, 2002.

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