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friday :: may 9, 2003
technoetic arts: an international journal of speculative research

This peer-reviewed journal presents the cutting edge of ideas, projects and practices arising from the confluence of art, science, technology and consciousness research. It has a special interest in matters of mind and the extension of the senses through technologies of cognition and perception. It documents accounts of transdisciplinary research, collaboration and innovation in the design, theory and production of new systems and structures for life in the 21st century, while inviting a re-evaluation of older worldviews, esoteric knowledge and arcane cultural practices. Artificial life, the promise of nanotechnology, the ecology of mixed reality environments, the reach of telematic media, and the effect generally of a post-biological culture on human values and identity, are issues central to the journal's focus.

First number include: "The Nanoneme Syndrome: Blurring of fact and fiction in the construction of a new science" by Jim Gimzewski and Victoria Vesna, "The shaman reborn in cyberspace, or evolving magico-spiritual techniques of consciousness-making" by Manie Eagar, "Are the Semi-Living semi-good or semi-evil?" by Ionat Zurr and Oron Catts, "The dying dreamer: architecture of parallel realities" by Malin Zimm, "IDENSITY(r): urbanism in the communication age" by Elizabeth Sikiaridi and Frans Vogelaar, and "Social dimensions of wearable computers: an overview" by Ana Viseu.

The editor of technoetic arts is Roy Ascott from CAiiA-STAR. The publication is subscription based. Sample Issues are available from the publisher . The web site offers an abstract of each journal. >from *technoetic arts site*

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> the enigma of consciousness symposium of science, technics and aesthetics. january 16, 2001

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