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friday :: april 16, 2004
copyleft bcn'04

There is life beyond restrictive copyright. And it in spite of the threats, the persecutions and the apocalyptic declarations of those who - like the SGAE, the BSA or the RIAA- live shopping and exploding all expression of the human thought and turning scarce infinite goods. In spite of these corsairs of the other people's creation, who foment the shortage in an artificial way, the era of the abundance has arrived at least at the scope of the intellectual production and is real possibilities to stimulate the creation, to break the 'digital divide', to share the knowledge, the culture and the art, to live on the own creations, to reframe the industry, and all it with no need to clip basic rights of the citizenship neither to harden the penal code, nor to criminalize the mutual cooperation or to penalize the free circulation of the knowledge.

The beneficiaries of the restriction of the copy right try to deny it, to hide it, to criminalize it, but exists a scope to which we will denominate 'commons' - recovering an old word that talks about those fields whose advantage is made of communal form -, that has always existed in form of expressions of popular culture and that today reaches all its apogee with the digital culture. We wished to put in the center of the public debate the fact that we are every time more immersed in a global economy whose material base is goods that do not assume any material form. With this the rules of the game that have characterized the distribution of the cultural and artistic goods in last two centuries, based in the laws of copyright and of patents, are being modified. To think that the same legal system devised for the physical world can prevail for fundamentally different surroundings like the cyberspace is a stupidity of epochal proportions that already we are paying all, in form of unjust laws, abusive enterprise practices and the criminalization of the immense majority of the population, considered as a potential 'pirate'. With restrictive policies and to benefit of the possessors of corsair patent, the creation is not fomented, but the coexistence is poisoned, the sources of the innovation are dried and the innovation becomes difficult. But the bank accounts of the lawyers and corporations are fattened. >from *¿Proteger o expoliar? Procomún frente a propiedad intelectual. Introduction text to 'Copyleft. Jornadas críticas sobre propiedad intelectual'. Barcelona, april 15-18, 2004.

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