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october, 2000 |
gravity zero, dance project

Using a new technique of magnetic brain stimulation, dancers and scientists are studying the control of body movements in altered gravity conditions to determine scientifically whether dance training may help astronauts adapt to lengthy weightlessness.

A presentation of choreographer Kitsou Dubois and the Imperial College scientists work in progress taked place as an installation and video projection at the *Creating Sparks festival* last September.

During 12 parabolic flights with the French Space Agency, Kitsou Dubois developed new training protocols for astronauts in zero gravity based on dance techniques. In a unique science-art initiative with scientists from the Biodynamics Group at Imperial College, organised by the science-art agency, the Arts Catalyst, Kitsou is undertaking a new series of flights with the European Space Agency. Last April the initiative was awarded with 36 100 by the *sciart consortium*

"Confronting oneself with a new environment or a new technology constitutes taking a risk which is the mechanism of creativity and the basis of my choreographic research. A poetry of experience has emerged from which it is possible to elaborate spaces, movement qualities and a unique aesthetic. (...) In a three dimensional universe without weight, we have to create subjective ego-centred references because there is no more centre of gravity. We can represent to ourselves a subjective vertical or a point situated on this subjective vertical. There is no more universal reference. Everything is relative and each person is free to construct their own structures on the subjective axis of the verticality. Starting from this inner construction, it is possible to apprehend the external space and react in relationship to it." (from Kitsou Dubois presentation at *"Eye of the Storm"*). "What could be more wonderful for a choreographer than to invent new forms of physical expression for a future in space? There cannot exist a grander stage in the history of live performance." (*Sensitive flight* by Kitsou Dubois).
kitsou dubois during one parabolic flight
Kitsou Dubois : Altered States of Gravity

:: references
Creating Sparks festival
sciart 2000 partnerships
Presentation at "Eye of the Storm"
International Art and Science Conference, February 1998

:: image
kitsou dubois during one parabolic flight.
credit: photo from arts catalyst site.
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