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context substance

Public release date: winter-2002




*context weblog,
an emerging culture observatory
information on art, science, technology and their intersections

"active, informed citizen participation is the key to shaping the network society. a new "public sphere" is required." seattle statement

-- winter -- january 1, 2002,
we release *context weblog,
an initiative of the *context project,
which aims to appropriate and disseminate the emerging culture
as a new 'art de vivre' the planetary civilization
that technology is creating.

The dissemination, use and social appropriation of new technologies are creating a new knowledge without premeditation. This emerging technological culture acts as a synthesizer of art, science and traditional knowledge, that in turn fuels the evolutionary change of our species. The networked digital information and apps are the contemporary cultural artifacts, the shared ground for a transdisciplinar culture. One that overcome science culture and art culture clash. *context is a weblog to track this techno culture, provide profitable information about his innovative resources and help stay up to speed on developments related to it.

A weblog (sometimes called a blog or a newspage or a filter) is a format -dated log format- and content -"log of our times"- approach for a web site. *context weblog <> acts as a filter and context provider, track technological culture and offer digest of news on art, science and technology, and their intersections. The info resources link to the original sources, adopt a transdisciplinar approach and face contradictory paradigms. The flow of information is processed for sampling, mapping and experiencing the new cultural context. So, this treatment is made by three main sections= in the daily logs, in the monthly contexts series and in the open context works.

context tracking

> track and participate in the emergence of a new cultural context
information and experience on art, science, technology and their intersections

> a do-it-yourself spirit,
searching a new 'art de vivre'

> try to contextualize information
digest, with text, image and sound,
link to the original source,
links to reference resources,
gather the flow of news on their subjects,
search engine and resources to explore the net...

> site that everyone can access
to contribute to the universality of the web:
accessible, multilingual, free

> involved in shaping an open and free network society
to care and feeding the digital innovation commons.

The "zero ground" current situation highlights the need to invest in this kind of public observatory, in this research and development project, in this innovative publishing model that contribute to be ready for the coming context, for the next expansive cycle; "the tech revolution is about to get rebooted."

 context filtering

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context ark tool

*context project, concept and implementation, is a contribution of josep saldaña cavallé. The sonic landscape is a contribution of X-flow. The habitat straddle3 , hipermedia + architecture, <> hosts *context project since its inception in summer 2000, providing design, code and technical maintenance for this service, and related works in content packaging. Project members (joan escofet, sergi saldaña massó, gilad ezra buzi, david juarez, josep saldaña) share the common desire to make a positive contribution to the development process of the Internet as a form of open, free and peer-to-peer media.

creator + txt
> josep saldaña cavallé

"I try to offer original insights which have emerged from my journey in the internet during the last six years. You can discovery by yourself a big picture of an emerging culture, to be translated into your own open-ended navigation charts for the fast changing territory of life in a new era. A divulgative work made in a weblike way, that can be enjoyed, read and used on many levels."

construction + graphik
> joan escofet

"today files look at you through a square window, the screen is flat, but human perception is not. with context graphics i try to escape flatland, increase the number of dimensions that are revealed in a visual image or graph, talk to words to dig an understanding conversation, a back and forth electric short-circuit to construct meaning; diverse approaches to enlarge and enhance context."

> sergi saldaña massó

"Music is alive, going from one extreme to another. Each sound of our quotidian things can be used to create, to reorder noise and turn it to an expression of feelings. *X-flow* is a project with no rules, that means no dependence of structures, non lineal construction, is more a deconstruction of my feels. Mind has no inner rules. With X-flow I try to create sound landscapes. I assume that music is not just songs... So I also create cuts to be used as interchangeable loops. X-flow is a kind of searching."

> gilad ezra buzi

"you wanna go there? you wanna built it? you've got the looks, i've got the brains? or she's got the looks, you've got the brains, we have the words? or no one's got nothing, hence nothing to lose? okay, so this all spills into some transition i'm sure.... into the gang i'm gonna turn you all into. into the imagefuckers, wordfuckers, kulturesmashers."

ark + spanish
> david juarez latimer-knowles

"In the last few years I've questioned myself several times, as many others, how the fast changes in communication and production technologies would influence the ways we live [learn/work/play]. One of the answers could be a stimulant 'you decide how'. For many of us, not scientists, technicians nor artists, but maybe a little mixture, this situation could be seen as an opportunity to grow."


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     "active, informed citizen participation is the key to shaping the network society. a new "public sphere" is required." seattle statement
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