New European Bauhaus Awards 2021

APROP Ciutat Vella is selected as a finalist for the category “Modular, adaptable and mobile living solutions” of New European Bauhaus Awards.

The objective of the New European Bauhaus is to articulate, in an innovative way, three key dimensions:  sustainability (including circularity),  aesthetics (and other dimensions of the quality of experience beyond functionality) and inclusion (including accessibility and affordability) in our daily lives, to learn from global challenges with the local solutions to achieve the climate targets and support a broader green and digital transformation perspective and the way it enhances the quality of life.


To achieve this objective, 20 projects will be awarded, 10 already executed projects in 10 categories and 10 projects in the design process in 10 categories. We hope that APROP will also receive this award with its high compatibility in adaptive modularity, circular reversibility and emergency solutions in social housing.

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