The renovation of the public park in Porta Firal de Barcelona, with its new name, in Plaça del Moviment Obrer is almost ready to serve for its users. The completion of the construction is expected within the next month. We will announce soon the exact dates of official opening.

Plaça del Moviment Obrer is designed as a skateable park - mix of a skate park and a public park, which can be enjoyed by both skaters and non-skaters -  in response to the needs of the neighborhood within “Pla de Barris”, the improvement program of the municipality. The new park consists of three different areas. One part is for intensive use of skaters with two skate bowls and sets of stairs on a 2,000 m2 space. Second part is for beginner skaters without obstacles, and third part for general use with shades of large pergolas and trees. The spiral motifs and eye shaped design traces, characteristic of the original project by Toyo Ito Associates are recycled as a main motif, taking full advantage of the existing elements and providing more green and shaded areas.


The design was the result of a participatory process with collaborative work among users, the reuse and recycling of materials to lower the costs and digital communication through the web tool to favor transparency and trust between agents.

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