Event on Open Code Architecture

Jatorri irekiko arkitektura

Life Conditioning: jatorri irekiko arkitektura [architecture towards an open source] set out to observe / describe / self-present / interact with a set of initiatives that want to 'return' the architecture to the user.

Strategies, proposals and projects that therefore intervene in the language and the expression of design and architecture by acting / operating / abducting / subverting the space and the majority imaginary.



We use the term Life Conditioning as the title of this series of talks because this review starts from a reading of architecture in the sense proposed by Cedric Price: Architecture as a conditioner of life, as a propitiation of human activity:


"To specify what we refer to as technological means, we would highlight the development in communication forms, especially the deployment of the internet and its growing integration in mobile devices and its influence on the physical space." This encourages the development of cultural practices in a broad sense of interest especially the phenomenon "do it yourself" and participatory systems that lead to issues such as open source software. These practices have in common that tend to give the user control over the processes. "


We wanted to take these reflections to architecture from two points of view simultaneously: the professional who works from the discipline and the inhabitant who actively participates in architecture.


We invite different professionals and groups that in their usual activity, whether more theoretical or more practical, reflected on the relationships between architecture and context.


The works that were presented dealt with the housing and the habitats, the public space and its relationship with the emerging networks, the social processes of participation in the urban construction, as well as the same project process, either through the establishment of own rules, the use of unsuspected resources or the practices derived from the crossing of disciplines.

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santiago cirugeda - recetasurbanas,
carles muro,
josé pérez de lama - osfavelados,
itziar gonzalez ,
sergio moreno+ pablo de soto- hackitectura.net,
david juarez + joan escofet: straddle3.net
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