El Dorado se mueve

Meeting point between culture and performing arts in the El Dorado neighborhood, Bogotá.

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El Dorado se mueve is both an action / intervention, and a space located in the El Dorado neighborhood, in Bogota, resulting from the 3rd Meeting of Expanded Architecture. The event concludes and inaugurates a new meeting point for culture and the performing arts with the community. The place of action, proposed by the local association Hatuey, is a vacant lot adjoining the parish of the neighborhood.

From margin to "place"

Despite having a good location, the site was outside the existing circuits of cultural and/or sports environment of the area. After the workshop/event - with institutional collaborations, contributions from local businesses and neighborhood participation - the place is reused and its privileged location serves as a platform for collective construction as well as a new node for the promotion of local culture.

During two weeks of on-site work, involving different groups dedicated to various tasks related to art, architecture and cultural management, various strategies were established with the inhabitants of the neighborhood and with the support of the local parish to recover the place and the subsequent creation of a scenic space.


The main actions developed, consisted in the: dissemination of the project and call to the community, the establishment of a design workshop in the place, the physical adaptation of the place and the access road to the site (cleaning, leveling of soil, painting and removal of rubble among other tasks). The construction of the elements that formed the scenic space (steps, roof and mobile platform) was also a part of the list of actions. 


The project could be executed thanks to a small institutional financial contribution. The recovery of various street elements -such as tires or rubble-, the donation of a series of materials by a chain of DIY stores, as well as the cession of trees and planters by the Botanical Garden of Bogotá made it all possible.


El Dorado Moves is a collective project by Arquitectura Expandida, the Hatuey Cultural Corporation, Straddle3, Citio-Ciudad Transdisciplinar, Habitat Sin Fronteras, Pandemia AudioVisual, Territorios-Luchas, Uniagustiniana and the El Dorado Neighborhood Community.

May 2011
It is a collective project of Expanded Architecture, the Cultural Corporation Hatuey, Straddle3, Citio-Transdisciplinary City, Habitat Without Borders, Audiovisual Pandemic, Territories-Struggles, Uniagustiniana and the El Dorado Neighborhood Community.
The project could be executed thanks to the support of the Cultural Ministry of the Embassy of Spain in Colombia, as well as through the recovery of various elements (tires, debris) and the donation of a series of materials by the Latin American Chain of shops for the HomeCentro construction and vegetation by the Botanical Garden José Celestino Mutis de Bogotá
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