Two decades of Bottom-Up Architecture

Workshop and Exhibition at CUAAD University, Guadalajara

At the end of April 2018, a delegation from the straddle3 team went to Guadalajara (Mexico) to develop an intervention with reusable materials and a participative approach in the Centro Universitario de Arte, Arquitectura y Diseño, University of Guadalajara. Within the framework of this collaboration, two days of workshops with the students were organized, and the exhibition "Straddle3: two decades of Bottom-Up architecture" was inaugurated.


The sample summarizes the twenty years of collective activity, often in horizontal collaboration with other individuals, entities and organizations.


During the workshop, different activities were organized between the Straddle3 team and the second year students of the faculty and with the collaboration of the technical staff of the institution: theoretical presentations, work in the classroom and development of practical projects.


During classroom presentations, examples of interventions in the public space were taught, as well as good practices and collaborative platforms developed by members of the Collective Architectures network, such as Makeatuvida's guidebook and the GRRR resource management and reuse platform itself.


Since the beginning of the project, we have acted with the perspective of reusing the elements and materials of the exhibition after its dismantling, so that the students can recycle them in furniture elements. The monitoring of the cycle and routes of these materials will be carried out through the Grrr platform.

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Straddle3 + Cuaad, University of Art, Architecture and Design of Guadalajara, México.


CUAAD and its teachers:
Mtro. Luis Giachetto Carrillo, Mtro. Diego Vergara, Arq. Jorge Enrique Zambrano (Director of the Arts and Humanities division) Mtro. Alex Alvride, Mtro. Gabriel Marquez, Mtro. Antonio Guerrero Guzmán and Mtra. Ma Dolores del Río López (Academic Secretary), students and all the technicians of the University who helped us with the production of the exhibition, also to Celia (graphic designer) of La Copistería American Graphics Full.
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