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House designed and built from recycled and reused material

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Is it possible to get quality housing spaces from freight containers? Can you rethink the house from the total recycling of its materials, elements and areas? With this project, we carry out an investigation on a new typology and materials susceptible of being reused.

Recycling and Context

Advertising fences, remains of the timber industry ... We look for sources of supplies, and we focus on the effort to find a siding element that is coherent with the rural environment. We solve it, with by-products of the wood industry. The money saved with recycling is invested in the acquisition of higher quality blinds or heating systems.

With the repertoire of materials at our disposal, we drafted a proposal that reconciled the client's preferences, the characteristics of the site and the available materials. That is when new material possibilities appear, such as advertising fences and the waste of the wood industry.


The construction process begins in the workshop by cleaning and transforming the containers and the modular metal structure of the stand, recovering wood and preparing facilities. Recovery of second-hand materials: repair, clean up, paint, etc. is also worked on. The assembly of the frames of modular structure is carried out in a single day, the next day the containers and the crane arrived and in a few hours the structure of the house is completed.


The insulation is solved mainly with natural cork, a common product in the forests of the region of La Selva. We use cork in rigid plates and in a crumbled method. For the base of the containers we use exclusively projected polyurethane. The inner lining is resolved in plasterboard plates, in function of the client's preferences. 


A landscaper is responsible for the design of the outdoor space, thus achieving a good relationship between the house and its immediate surroundings.

July 2013
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