Urbuntu Montjuic

An open, incremental and editable neighborhood in the old Montjuic exhibition center.

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The project envisages a major metamorphosis of the exhibition space, from Plaça Espanya to the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, with a view to the centenary of the international exhibition in 2029. The key element of the project is the optimization of the exhibition pavilions. The actions range from rehabilitation and preparation for new uses, to demolition or complete redesign to achieve more efficient, flexible and compact facilities.

The project was commissioned by Barcelona Regional, Barcelona's urban development agency, and was carried out in collaboration with Societat Orgànica.


The proposal can be summarized in five points:


  • Mediterranean frame
    • Memory of light and water. 
    • An open neighborhood instead of an enclosed area. 
    • Return to the compact city. 
    • Intention for the mixture of uses. 
    • Post-tactic, editable public space. 


  • Mediating party wall
    • Fuori Saloni: the link between neighborhood and Fair. 
    • Versatility of congress infrastructures. 
    • The future of offices. 
    • Respectful emergencies. 
    • Green waiting: in the meantime, a buildable garden. 


  • Constructive Tetris.
    • Three-dimensional plots.  
    • Reversible and modular building. 
    • Light and dry prefabrication. 
    • The construction of "small hands". 
    • Open source innovation. 


  • Inclusive habitability.
    • Infrastructure against gentrification. 
    • The co-production of affordable housing.  
    • Human scale.
    • Neighborhood commons. 
    • Typology without hierarchy. 


  • Positive balance
    • Neutrality is not enough. 
    • Cycle of materials.  
    • Energy: efficiency and sufficiency.
    • Water: closing cycles. 
    • Active green.
January 2021 January 2021
Project: Straddle3 Collaborators: Societat Orgànica
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